Extremely Tight Drum Recordings & Percussion Loops in a Matter of a Few Clicks

Many modern music genres rely on groovy and danceable sounding drums and percussion. But because many drum and percussion loops come pre-mixed with different elements combined in a single track, it can be very difficult to make them work in a busy mix.

We designed Percolate to help you separate and target the snare, hi-hat and percussion parts of such loops, providing you with an easy and fast workflow to create a balanced drum or percussion mix.

Percolate uses analog modelled filters that separate the relevant frequency ranges in a very transparent way, and can be used in combination with our KickBox plug-in to target the whole drum or percussion section in your mix.


  • Fast and intuitive workflow
  • Analog modeled filters
  • Suited for electronic and acoustic drums and percussion
  • Extremely light on CPU and RAM
By: admin
  • MAC

    OSX 10.7+ (32bit & 64bit)

  • PC

    Windows 7+ (32bit & 64bit)

  • Formats

    VST, AU, VST3, AAX